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I designed some patterns for Designlovefest’s Dress Your Tech section!


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New patterns coming soon! Here’s a sneak peak…

New patterns coming soon! Here’s a sneak peak…

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Glassine in Design

material and tactility is what makes print design so unique in a world of touchscreens and digital everything. You just can’t digitally replace how something feels in your hand when you turn a page or open an envelope. I always try to make myself pay attention to how things are made and the raw materials the designer chose to use. Today on Pinterest, I noticed some interesting uses of glassine-that translucent paper that’s sometimes used for small pouch envelopes or bakery bags.

I’ve mostly seen this material used for packaging for small paper objects like stamps, but these projects use it in more inventive ways.

Studio Laucke Siebein's The Colour Envelope #10 for Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings

Etsy find at Present & Correct store

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Last weekend I went a little gif crazy…

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Some Highlights, part 3: Art

Interactive ‘Touch and Tweet’ Installation-Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam-Daan Roosegaarde and Hellicar&Lewis. The lights are like a small field of tall grass in a dark room and respond to touch.

In the Land of Giants-Stedelijk Museum- Jon Baer. This was one of six paintings that study practices of our Neolithic past.

Tate Modern in London-Dan Flavin. If I remember correctly, this is the first thing I saw when I walked into the first exhibition hall at the Tate.

Studies for Homage to the Square-Tate Modern in London-Josef Albers. I was so excited to see this! I read The Interaction of Color by Albers in college and even did book arts project based on the book in school!

AIG Covers- Tate Modern in London- John Heartfield. Okay, I wasn’t expecting to find these either. John Heartfield is such a cool guy-he used photomontage to create cheeky anti-nazi propoganda and if I remember correctly from history of design, he continued spreading his images via postcards even after he fled Germany.

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Some Highlights, part 2: People

Whatever you spend your time doing during the day, the people that you spend your time with can make a hell of a difference. Moving abroad to work in Amsterdam led me to befriend some really amazing people from all over the place. There’s a dutch product designer that doubles as a Johnny Bravo look-a-like, an English graphic designer after my own heart, a Swedish surface pattern designer and awesome mentor, the list goes on…

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Some Highlights, part 1: Found Things

It’s been a crazy couple of months and I recently realized how many amazing experiences I’ve had traveling, freelancing, and exploring. So, I thought I should start to share some of them.

Over the summer, there was a sculpture garden in Oud-West and we kind of wandered upon it one day. This skull is actually a sauna with a shower attached to the side. You go up the steps in the back and the steam escapes through the eyes. Kind of weird, but pretty cool-reminds me of Noah Scalin, don’t worry I sent him a picture.

Albert Heijnstein, it’s not funny if you have to explain it…
found this Bansky inspired piece in an alleyway in Amsterdam, I hope it stays there for awhile.

This gem was painted on the wall of a Dutch bagel shop in Delft, there were other famous bagel-ized Dutch paintings, but this one was my favorite. I like to think of it as The Bagel with the Pearl Earring.

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